Partner with Parma Recreation Department and interact with more than 300,000 residents who visit Parma’s recreation venues every year!

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From the city’s Parks and Baseball Fields to its Ice Rink, Golf Course, Splash Pad and other fun public attractions, Parma offers incredible opportunities to showcase your business!

Visibility By the Numbers

The numbers add up to great exposure for your business!


Combined population of Parma, Parma Heights & Seven Hills. Parma is Ohio’s 7th largest city!


Projected number of families, competitors, fans, spectators and visitors who visit Parma’s recreation venues every year!


Opportunity to play an important role in Parma’s vibrant parks & recreation initiatives!

9 Reasons Why You Should Become a Parma Rec Sponsor

Sponsorship offers more than just your company’s logo on a sign! Click on the headings below to discover 9 advantages to partnering with Parma Rec!

1. It’s Affordable!

Sponsorship packages start at just $3,000!  But that’s just the beginning!  You’ll have opportunities to promote your products and services all season long!

2. Exhibit @ The Venue You Sponsored!

Parma Rec offers sponsors an opportunity to interact on-site directly with competitors, families, fans, spectators and visitors!  Bring along giveaways, hand out samples or host a contest to build your prospect database!

3. Inclusion in Parma Rec Communications!

As a sponsor, you’ll have opportunities to promote your business through the various communications put out by the Recreation Department, including the website, Facebook page and regular E-Newsletters sent to Parma Residents!

4. Links to Your Company Landing Pages!

Want to promote something special?  We’ll link your promotion and promote your promotion so that the promotion promotes tons of traffic to your business, which promotes sales!  That’s a lot of promotin’!

5. Bigger Sponsorship, Greater Bennies!

Our high-level partners get an opportunity to host a corporate event at their venue, and special creative sessions to brainstorm additional sponsorship ideas!

6. Let’s Get Creative!

Do you have an idea for a special activation through Parma Rec?  We’re game!  Let’s discuss your idea and see how we can make it happen!

7. Special Appearance by Your Company!

Do you have a food truck that can come out?  Care to host a live entertainment event for spectators?  What kind of promotion can you think of that we can use on a regular basis?  The opportunities are endless!

8. Create Goodwill!

Corporate Sponsorship through Parma Rec tells the community that your organization is proud to play a part in the City’s sports and recreation initiatives, and that’s worth its weight in gold in the eyes of Parma residents!

9. Value Added Benefits!

Our goal is provide our corporate sponsors with the most exposure and most effective activation components that we can create!  Whether it’s participation at a rec venue, mentions in our e-newsletter, links from the website to your company page, or any other special promotion, we’ll go the extra mile to create a top-notch sponsorship experience so that you get more return on your marketing dollar!

Our Sponsors


Request Sponsor Info

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We’re offering exclusive naming rights to a Parma park or recreation venue.  This is a legacy opportunity that offers great exposure, unlimited activation ideas and lots of perks.

(Six opportunities available, with multi-year contracts starting at $20,000.)


Exclusive sponsorship rights to one of 16 baseball fields throughout the city.  We’ll name a field after your company and create an effective activation component around your sponsorship.

(16 opportunities available, with multi-year contracts starting at $10,000.)


Little League Fields | Ice Rink | Golf Course | Picnic Pavilion | Splash Pad
A variety of high-visibility sponsorships opportunities are available.

(13 opportunities available, with multi-year contracts starting at $3,000.)


  • E-Newsletter Inclusion

    We’ll include your company promotions in our e-newsletter, which is offered to Parma residents!

  • Interact With Your Audience

    You’ll have opportunities to showcase your products, services or programs at your respective venue during the season!

  • Pre-Season Promotions

    Your organization will be included in all pre-season media & publicity (print, web, outdoor and/or broadcast media)!

  • Resident Mailings

    Your organization will be included in all Parma Rec related mailings (newsletters, program booklets, etc.)

  • Company Use of the Facility

    You’ll have the right to use your venue for exclusive corporate events!

  • Online Exposure

    You’ll receive click-through links to designated landing pages on your company website through all Rec-related electronic communications and website!


We’ll help you develop an effective activation program designed to enhance exposure, generate leads and promote your products or services! The opportunities are endless!

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